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Presented by Casino, UP-X is an intense crash game with clear instructions and fast cash calculations. The line goes up dramatically and the multipliers increase. UP-X uses real bets and the amount of winnings depends on the player's dexterity. It is comparable to Speedcash or Rocket x in terms of gameplay and pace of rounds. So, what is UP-X?


What is UP-X?

Introduced by the casino, UP-X has been touted as an idea sequel to Lucky Jet, and the two game crashes have some things in common. Rounds are fast and bets need to be placed mid-round, plus you can team up with one or more people. To play UP-X online you need to check in on the casino site, and all bets must be made with real money.

Entertainment itself is located in the "Crash games" section. It is based on the Lucky Jet game, but with a different interpretation - instead of an airplane, there is a line going up on the screen. UP-X is grouped with "crash" games because of the speed of the game. It starts without preloading: on the right is the list of online players, at the bottom of the screen is the crash line and the amount of expected bets.

Where to play UP-X

Gamers can access the game Up-x either through the casino website or through a downloadable application. Regardless of the client's device, no additional settings are required, just an internet connection. Players can start playing at Up-x quickly and easily, with just one click on a special tab in the main menu. All the contents of the browser site and the application are identical, so no matter which access method a gamer chooses, he will be able to get the same experience.

The game has a Telegram channel where they post updates, bonuses, signals and links to platforms such as UP-X. The administrators of the site are constantly changing the domain. Type its name in the search engine, and you will find a site of the same name, which has summaries, strategy analysis and tips. The interface is in Russian, so to get gambling, you need to register and replenish your balance.

Where to play
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UP-X game: rules

If you want to play for money at UP-X, it's important to read the "How to Play?" section and understand the rules. You are not limited to one bet per round - you can make two different amounts. When you want to withdraw your winnings, use the "Withdraw" button. The amount you will receive is calculated by multiplying the total bet by the cashout figure. For example, if you bet 100 rubles, you will get 200 rubles.

If the bettor does not manage to return the funds before the line is out, his bet will be considered invalid. On the control panel there is a special setting "Auto Bet", which brings bets in accordance with a predetermined amount. There is also a function "Auto Withdraw", which takes money from the machine after reaching the set odds.

The UP-X game has no limits, you can keep playing for an unlimited amount of time and as many games as you want.

UP-X interface

Activating Up x Online gives you access to the control buttons located at the bottom, below the line of crash graphs. If desired, you can switch to full screen mode using a separate button. On the left side, under the "Called line" section, there are tabs.

At the top you can see an array of all bets with a list of players. Below is the column of your bets.

Next, the best results of each year, month and day are shown. Gold, silver and bronze multipliers are displayed as multicolored buttons, increasing with the line growth. The multipliers are fixed after a line falls on the screen, and the final profit depends on their value.

In the lower part there is a control panel. The current multiplier of the round is displayed there, as well as a betting field with "+/-" buttons to adjust the amount. The "Bet" button fixes the user's choice.

UP-X interface
UP-X interface

UP-X Official Website

Search online game UP-X in the browser can be quite a challenge, as numerous gambling sites may be blocked in Russia and other CIS countries. The administrators of the official site UP-X constantly change domains in hopes of circumventing bans, so to determine which copy is the original - a difficult task. To guarantee stability and safety when playing for real money, the club is equipped with a valid license and direct connection with the support service.

Advantages of Up X online game

What gamblers like in UP-X is its freshness, simple rules and the ability to control the process. In addition, it offers the maximum coefficient. Other game actions involve the collection of funds (balance). If the bet turns out to be a winner, the player receives a winnings of 50x, 100x or 200x of the bet amount. UP-X works in a similar way, offering the opportunity to hit a large jackpot with a maximum multiplier of 40,000x.

The multiplier increases as the line moves up, so it's important to take the opportunity to collect your winnings before the line turns red, otherwise it will cost you dearly. The line increases in a matter of seconds, and winning depends on quick reflexes. Inexperienced players can easily waste money trying to identify the perfect moment when the multiplier reaches the maximum value. Playing this game means balancing on the edge of possibility, and that's the beauty of planes like Aviator or UP-X. There are no intricate storylines or multi-faceted configurations here, the rounds are fast-paced.

The sequence of numbers is obvious in the facts and figures from previous rounds, and through messaging you can communicate with other participants, sharing tips and suggestions.

Pros and cons of UP-X

Before joining UP-X for money, you should look at the process, evaluate the project, and consider its weaknesses and strengths.


  • Rounds are quick and take no more than a minute to complete, like a jet plane.
  • There's a history of past rounds and statistics, as well as betting records.
  • Multipliers can be from 2x to 10x or higher.
  • Withdrawal of winnings is instantaneous.
  • The rounds go by quickly.
  • It's easy to understand the rules.
  • Automatic mode with bets and payouts is available.
  • Full confidence is guaranteed thanks to the system Provable Fair.
  • Compatible with PCs and mobile devices.


  • Rounds sometimes end with x1 odds.
  • No internal incentives such as free spins or bonus rounds.
  • Gameplay can be boring.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about UP-X

1. Is there an Android or iPhone version of the Up-x game?
Yes, the Up-x game is well adapted for all types of devices. You can launch it through Up-x Casino or the official website of the game.

2. Is there a separate app for the up-x game?
There is currently no standalone app for the game Up-x. However, it can be easily found in the entertainment catalog by name or in the category "crash games".

3. How to play for money in the game Up-x and withdraw your winnings?
To make real bets in the game Up-x and withdraw your winnings, you need to register. After registration you can open the catalog page, start the line and bet on the game. After winning, you can withdraw the amount to your card or e-wallet through the cash transactions section.


You can find many negative reviews about AP x online, accusing the company of fraud and making profits without any regard for players. Most of these reviews comes from those who failed to win due to not understanding the game. Despite this, the game is still interesting and the rounds are fast. For those who want to give it a try, it is recommended to start with demo mode and do not expect gambling to become a permanent source of income.

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